Indonesia type vibrator
Indonesia type eccentric vibrator poker, driven by electric motor, petrol or diesel engine
Model No.: IEV serials
Bar size: 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm,
Standard length: 6m
Indonesia type eccentric vibrator poker
Model No.: IEV serials
Standard length: 6m
Internal concrete vibrators use the eccentric principle. 3600rpm or 18000rpm of the drive unit translates via the flexible shaft into frequency about 280 HZ in the poker head.  It is more silence than pendulum type vibrator and also higher efficiency.  It can be used between two types of drive units (interchangeable): electrical motor and petrol or diesel engine drive unit series, with 4 standard poker diameters. The vibrator poker is top of the range poker head suitable for professional application.
IEV serials vibrator poker 4~12m length,  Bar diameter 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm

  1. stable operation
  2. good mechanical performance
  3. low noisy
  4. good anti-wear performance
IEV-SERIES Inserting Pendulum Vibrator Poker
Model  Vibrating Head Size    Vibration Frequency(HZ) Vibration Amplitude  (mm) Flexible Shaft Diameter Rubber Hose Diameter and Length
IEV-28 28mmx30cm     260 0.81 10mm        30mmx4m-6m
IEV-32 32mmx32cm 270 0.85 10mm 30mmx4m~6m
IEV-38 38mmx47cm     280 0.77 12mm 32mmx4m~6m
IEV-45 45mmx47cm     285 0.7 12mm 32mmx4m~6m

Concrete Vibrator Driven unit- electrical vibrator motor / petrol or diesel engine driven unit   

Electric vibrator motor technical specification
Model Motor type Voltage Power Frequency Speed Weight Dimension
IEV150 Brush motor 220V 2hp 50/60hz 18000rpm 7kgs 40X22X22cm
Concrete Vibrator Driven unit- gasoline engine/diesel engine technical specification
Model Engine type Power Speed Weight Dimension
IEV20 Robin Engine EY20 5hp 3600rpm 21kgs 51x38x53cm
IEV160 Honda Engine GX160 5.5hp 3600rpm, 21kgs 53x38x45cm
IEV168 Lifan Engine 168F 5.5hp 3600rpm 21kgs 53x38x45cm
IEV170 Diesel Engine 170F 4hp 3600rpm 31kgs 56x45x60cm
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