Russia type vibrator
Internal concrete vibrators use the pendulum principle. 3,000rpm of the drive unit translates via the flexible shaft into 12, 000 vibrations per minute in the poker head. The low output speed ensures high reliability and extended service life. It can be used between two types of drive units (interchangeable): electrical motor and petrol or diesel engine drive unit series, with 5 standard poker diameters. The vibrator poker is top of the range poker head suitable for professional application.
RV serials vibrator poker 3~9m length,  Bar diameter 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 51mm, 76mm

  1. stable operation
  2. good mechanical performance
  3. band pressing design, easy to mend the poker
  4. good anti-wear performance
RV-SERIES Inserting Pendulum Vibrator Poker
Model  Vibrating Head    Vibration (V.P.M) Vibration Amplitude  (mm) Vibrator Hose Diameter and Length Flexible Shaft Diameter
BH-28 28mmx45cm 10,000~15,000 0.9 32mm/18mm  3m, 4.5m, 6m 12mm
BH-32 32mmx47cm 1.1 32mm/18mm  3m, 4.5m, 6m 12mm
BH-38 38mmx47cm 1.6 32mm/18mm  3m, 4.5m, 6m 12mm
BH-51 51mmx44cm 1.8 36mm/20mm  3m,4.5m,6m, 9m 14mm
BH-76 76mmx45cm 2.0 36mm/20mm  3m, 4.5m, 6m, 9m 14mm
Concrete Vibrator Driven unit- electrical vibrator motor
RV serial Vibrator Motor Specification
Model Motor type Voltage Power Frequency Speed Weight Dimension
42V 1.0kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 12kgs 365x240x335cm
RV14 42V 1.4kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 12.5kgs 365x240x335cm
RV16 42V 1.6kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 14.5kgs 365x240x335cm
RV1400 220V 1.4kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 15kgs 365x240x335cm
RV1600 220V 1.6kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 16kgs 365x240x335cm
RV2200 220V 2.2kvt 50/60hz 3000rpm 19kgs 395x240x335cm
    Note: For 220V motor, we can provide European plug or protective breaker.
JY170 Vibrator Motor Specification
Model Motor type Power Speed Weight Dimension
JY170 Brush motor 1.6kw 4000rpm 7.5kgs 41x22x22cm
  Protective breaker can be selected.
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