Road covers cutting machine equipment research and development, technological innovation is the key

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  A large part of the country's development is determined by the strength of its scientific research capabilities, scientific research capabilities represent the core of a country's technology, he has the country's best talent and technology. The development of manhole cover cutting machine is also true, in order to obtain international status, must master the core technology.
  At present, both in the domestic market policy support, or the current level of existing technology, are on the cover cutting machine is not enough favorable research and development. Overall, with the relevant manufacturers to speed up the revitalization of the lid cutting machine to gradually promote the policy, the development of generic covers cutting machine will be further focused support. The use of large cities will increase the demand for covers cutting machine products, but China's sub-sectors in the feasibility of the replacement of imports of covers cutting machine is very different, high-end covers cutting machine more urgent policy guidance and research support.
  In this regard, the person made three recommendations: First, the establishment of encouraging enterprises to independent innovation of the new mechanism. According to the national production planning and comprehensive layout of the regional production planning, a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratories, test base and product development center. Relying on strong innovation and science and education institutions, the establishment of scientific and technological achievements of the proliferation of sites. Encourage and support the establishment of technology research and development center covers the cutting machine.
  Second, improve the technology promotion system. Rationally set up grass-roots manufacturing technology promotion organizations, and gradually establish a national manufacturing technology to promote the organization-led, division of labor, services in place diversified manufacturing technology promotion system. In addition, we must improve the training system, improve the intellectual property protection system. Establish and improve the training service function of colleges and universities, scientific research units and secondary vocational schools and the basic education convergence, give full play to the strength of institutions at all levels. And further improve the market environment for new product innovation, and actively promote the development of new products, enterprises and scientific research units to establish and improve the independent development of new products, covers cutting machine management rules and regulations.
  Only by constantly improving the technical strength, in order to create a better manhole cover cutting machine, in the city construction in a scientific and technological achievements, promote national road construction, improve national comprehensive strength.


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