The first covers cutting machine R & D into the market

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  It is reported that in recent years, the municipal roads and airports lost thousands of covers each year, the loss will be several hundred thousand dollars, and they have to install special replacement for this new anti-theft covers, the reason why the covers can be anti-theft because of cast iron covers and Buried in the ground through the framework of the two pins connected, but the pin is hidden in the covers and frame, the thief is difficult Kai Kai.
  So the circular cover cutting machine came into being, as the first dedicated round hole cover cutting machine, specifically for urban roads in motor vehicles, as well as the airport around the covers of cement concrete or asphalt pavement for circular cutting, and to clear The broken pavement around the covers provides a split area, and the restored ground surface is aesthetically pleasing and extends the life of the pavement.
  A construction workers are using the road cover cutting machine around the original covers were cut open, then the new anti-theft covers into just cut the foundation pit, buried around the anchor bolts, and then poured concrete, the new anti-theft covers installed complete.


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