Safety management of construction: Safety operating rules for concrete plug - in vibrators

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  (1) plug-in vibrator motor power supply, should install leakage protection device, grounding or access to zero, should be safe and reliable. Operators should be educated by electricity, operation should wear insulated rubber shoes and wear insulated gloves.
  (2) The cable should meet the required length of operation. Do not press or squeeze objects on the cable. Do not use cables to pull or hang the vibrators.
  (3) Before use, should check each part and confirm the connection is firm, the rotation direction is correct.
  (4) The vibrator shall not be tested on concrete, floors, scaffolding and dry and hard ground. Disconnect the power supply during maintenance or job interruption.
  (5) operation, the bending rod bending radius of not less than 500mm, and not more than two bends, the operation should be vertically sinking into the concrete vibrator, not forced hard plug, oblique push or bar to bar Head, and may not be all inserted into the concrete, the insertion depth should not exceed the rod length of 3/4, should not touch the steel, core and embedded parts.
  (6) vibration bar hose shall not break, when the hose is too long to make the length of growth, should be promptly repaired or replaced.
  (7) vibrator should be kept clean, not a concrete bond in the motor case to prevent heat dissipation.
  (8) Stop operation To move the vibrator, turn off the motor and then switch off the power. Do not use a hose or cable to pull the motor.
  (9) operation is completed, should the motor, hose, vibrating rod clean, and should be required to carry out maintenance operations. When vibrator is stored, the hose shall not be stacked, should be put straight, and should take measures to protect the motor moisture.


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