Compacted ramming machine and so on at home and abroad impact compaction plate analysis

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  It is reported that the impact of vibration ramming and tamping plate in China's successful development, not only for the construction sector in China to provide the performance of the advanced compaction machinery, and achieved good economic and social benefits, but also to consolidate the country's mechanical technology into the forward A big step to shorten the gap with the world's advanced level, and promote the development of China's small compaction machinery.
  On the basis of mass technological innovation, in the early 1960s, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute and Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering and other units, concluded with the invention of the frog-type compactor with Chinese characteristics, in 1962 won the National Science and Technology Invention Award. Frog-type compactor structure is simple, maintenance, easy to use, and soon became the 60's compaction machinery leading products. Changsha State Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Yuan Hong said that according to incomplete statistics frog-type rammer cumulative production reached more than 50,000 units in China's economic construction has played an important role. 70 years later, because the frog-type ramming machine tamping intensity is too small, frog-type ramming machine is gradually being more advanced performance of the impact of vibration and vibration plate ram ram replaced, the current frog compactor has been rarely used, the basic has been eliminated.
  In 1983, Hubei Vibrator Factory developed China's first HZR70-type vibratory impact ram, as the impact of vibration ram impact, compaction effect, high productivity, small size and weight, light and flexible, and other prominent features, by the user Welcomed the rapid promotion and use, and soon developed into the Zijiang Machine Factory, Xinxiang Third Machine Tool Plant and Tsu Dongting Engineering Machinery Plant, and so dozens of production. Although the vibration impact rammer than the development of vibration plate ram late, but the development speed, production and sales and the use of a wide range than the vibration plate ram is much larger, has now become China's ramming machinery production and sales of the largest leading products. After the 90s of last century, the impact of foreign ramming have entered the Chinese market, such as Germany Wacker, Japan Sakai, Mikasa and other brands, and soon occupied a larger share of the domestic market impact ram.
  To the beginning of this century, domestic private enterprises have produced internal combustion ram and plate ram, and its performance continues to improve, the price is only impact impaction ram imports 1/2 or 2/3, its parts supply and after-sales service is also better than import compaction Equipment for domestic users to save a lot of procurement and maintenance funds.


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