Widely used in various construction projects, rollers deliver excellent compaction. 
JY600D hydraulic vibratory roller is different to most of chain or belt driven roller on the market, is with a fully hydraulic-drive system consists of hydraulic pump and motors not only on vibration but also movement, eliminating the need for regular periodic adjustments and changes while providing infinitely variable working speed.
Double drum hydraulic vibratory roller JY600D for roller drum is up to 650mm, weight 650kgs.  Max compaction force 20KN

l  High quality hydraulic pump system imported from Japan.
l  Mechanical parking brake.
l  Built-in oil cooler will increase the productivity of machine.
l  Ergonomically designed controls are conveniently positioned to ensure speed and vibration.
l  Anti vibration controls ensure non-fatiguing and low HAV (Hand/Arm Vibration) for the operator.
l  The side clearance and curb clearance allow for the closest possible approach to pavements, curbs, walls and other obstacles.
l  Dual smooth drums with beveled edge eliminate mark on the ground and asphalt.
l  Easy access to front mounted Diesel engine.
l  65 Liters, corrosion-free water tanks mounted at the rear of roller reduces sound and keeps dust to a minimum
l  Vibration is controlled by easy to reach on and off switch in speed controlled hand lever.
l  Two scraper bars on each drum ensure a clean drum when working on asphalt.
l  Minimum overhang offering suitable side and curb clearance.
l A fully hydraulic-drive system consists of hydraulic bump and hydraulic motors provides infinitely variable working speed for travel and vibration, eliminating regular maintenance and adjustment that chain driven rollers require.
l Unique clutch/ pump drive system provides easy cold weather start and allows for no-load starting of engine.

Model JY600D-1 JY600D-2
Engine Type HONDA GX390 KAMA 180FA
Power Kw(hp) 10(13) 7.8(10)
Weight Kg 650 650
Drum Diameter mm 650×Φ400
Static Linear Force N/cm 54
Centrifugal Force kN 18
Frequency vpm(Hz) 3300(55)
Travel Speed km/h 0-3.6
Water Tank capactiy  L 40
Oil tank capacity L 30

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