Low cost to maintenance and usage, reliable durability make it, maybe the most economical rammer in the market.  Comparing to our normal plate compactors, the series tamping rammers are designed for compacting COHESIVE soils, such as clay and slit in small repair jobs and in narrow confined areas, such as trenches or housing sites, But they also could be used on sand and gravel.  Tamping rammers RM70 are designed to deal with the tough site condition, well balanced, easy to operate and excellent in trenches and around pipes.
Tamping rammer RM75 with 34x28.5cm plate, 75KGS Motor: Petrol engine 4.0hp

Features and Benefits: 
l All our Rammers are driven by 4-storke petrol engines designed specially for rammers. No need to mix fuel and oil, easy starting, low-noise operation, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption comparing to 2-stroke engine.
l An heavy duty throttle control provides more reliable and longer service.
l Additional built-in air filtration system plus the original air cleaners in the engine provides cleaner air to engine for longer life and improved durability.
l An integrated fuel valve provides for easy starting.
l Heavy shock mount system to reduce hand-arm vibration and improve operator comfort.
l Plastic oil tank offers longer life and rust-free.
l Rammer shoe made of steel plate with wood insert offers economical usage.
l Special protective frame for engine, prevents any possible damage on tough jobsite.
l Special designed trolley kit for easy transportation

Additional product information

Model RM75-1 RM75-2 RM75-3
Engine: single cylinder,  air-cooled, 4 cycles
Engine type Petrol, Robin EH12-2D Petrol, Robin EH09 Petrol, Loncin 166C
Power kw(hp) 3.0(4.0) (5.0) 3.0(4.0)
Impact Force kn                                14
Leap height mm 40~80
Advancing speed m/min 10~12
Shoe size mm 340x285
Weight kgs 75
Dimension mm 760x530x1120
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